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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spotlight on: Masonry Design/Build in Italy- July 2010

We're excited about a new course this summer offered by longtime instructor Mac Rood. We'll be bringing a group of up to 15 students to the abandoned village of Ghesc in the northern mountains of Italy.

This three week course will offer students experience in preservation, restoration, and adaptive re-use of historic vernacular masonry buildings in the Piedmont region. The site is the abandoned village of Ghesc, near Domodossola. Students will analyze and document existing structures and devise strategies and designs for the re-use of selected buildings while maintaining their historic features. Studio design time will be supplemented with hands-on construction on projects within the village. Field trips off-site, guided by an architectural historian, will be scheduled to supplement the main work of the course.

This course, taught in English, is open to students of all ages with an interest in architecture, historic preservation and masonry construction. Our purpose is to promote an appreciation of building methods and designs particular to this region, and to imagine how these buildings can be put back into use for another 500 years. Preservation and adaptive re-use of buildings capable of lasting for centuries is the essence of sustainability. The construction project will give students exposure to masonry and timber construction techniques, working under the instruction of local masons and Yestermorrow instructors. Studio time will allow students to individually explore strategies for re-use of these buildings. Great food and exquisite views of the surrounding Alps are a bonus of the course. Food and lodging are included in the tuition price of $2995. Students are responsible for their own travel to the site.

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Registration for this unique course is open through June 18th. REGISTER NOW!


  1. it puzzles me how in the midst of overpopulated Europe such a beautiful place can be abandoned?
    was it the plague? lack of water? or is it simply that one can't drive a car to it...

  2. Oh my god, this would be a dream. I wish!