Yestermorrow Design/Build School in Waitsfield, Vermont offers over 80 hands-on courses per year in design, construction, woodworking, and architectural craft and offers a variety of courses concentrating in sustainable design. Now in its 35th year, Yestermorrow is one of the only design/build schools in the country, teaching both design and construction skills. Our hands-on 1-day to 3-week workshops, certificate programs and semester programs are taught by top architects, builders, and craftspeople from across the country. For people of all ages and experience levels, from novice to professional.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Yestermorrow Video Featured on Sustainable Route

Check out a short 3-minute interview with Yestermorrow Outreach Director Dan Eckstein on Sustainable Route, a project by two recent Bennington College graduates who are travelling the country to explore the 'sustainable' movement. (p.s. you'll need the latest version of QuickTime to view the video).

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

interns outfoxed again

Last weekend was host to the parent/child woodworking course at Yestermorrow. The interns heads were left slack-jawed by the prowess of the youth and their crafty inventions.
Tony and Peter hope to catch up to the skill level of these youngsters by the end of our internship.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

search for staff yields amazing discovery!

The search continues. . .

While we haven't found our missing staff, we have located our mailbox and what appears to be a unique species of caterpillar only know to the Mad River Valley.
So please, fill our mailbox with postcards from dreamy tropical locales and any references on entomology.

3 feet high and rising

A few hardy souls managed to make it to work and classes today by whatever means necessary: snowshoes, skis, and Subarus. Upon arrival we discovered the office area empty, apparently a nefarious plot had been launched and someone has taken our beloved staff. Bob, Carol, and the interns would appreciate the return of our dear staff, no questions asked. I don't wanna mention any names, but YOU, Mad River Glen and Sugarbush are our prime suspects in the caper. Empirical evidence has shown that ski resorts are the number one abductor when the term 'snow' day has been uttered in the valley.
Clad in snowshoes and armed with shovels, we have searched the premises, but to no avail. We plead with you, please please return them to us with little but sore legs from your powdery slopes.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Seeking a Kitchen/Garden Intern for 2007

Yestermorrow is excited to announce the launch of a full-service meal program in May 2007. Our goal is to offer our students, faculty and staff wholesome meals produced from local and organic foods. In order to help us pull it all off, we are looking for a Kitchen/Garden Intern to start in mid-April and work with us through mid-December 2007.

The Kitchen/Garden Intern will work under the supervision of our head Cook and provide critical support in growing, preparing and serving food to the Yestermorrow community on a daily basis. Yestermorrow is committed to serving healthy, locally produced meals which enhance the community spirit of the school- around the table is where ideas and values are shared, where friendships blossom, where we laugh, and where we fully integrate our experiences. As our curriculum stresses the concept of sustainability with regard to land use and how we build on the land, through food we can also walk the talk of sustainability by purchasing local, organic, nutritious, and wholesome ingredients.

For more details and to download an application form, please visit Applications are due March 15th for the Kitchen Garden Internship.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

An update from the cold Californian

I’ve been here in Vermont for a 1 month and a half now and starting to day dream of Venice Beach sunsets and t-shirt/short days in January. Lucky, I am kept busy enough here at designing a playhouse and garden shed, building cabinets and saw horses, running errands around town, and the ever daunting morning coffee grinding ritual. This will be my first “real” winter ever and so far it is no disappointment. I’m still getting used to the constant adding and removal of clothing in and out of the building and can’t seem to get into wearing gloves (I get sweaty palms).

The experience here so far has been phenomenal. I came here not knowing the difference between a rafter and a stud, to having conversation with professional architects and builders. I now know how to fix and maintain a vintage handplane, cut timbers with a chisel, draft out a basic home floor plan, and plaster up wall of almost any shape you can imagine. I find myself everyday walking into the Yestermorrow library and think “geez, where do I start?” The resources here are amazing and I wish I had time to read all the books, even the vector calculus and structural equation ones. I learn something new everyday and meet great people. Hooray for school! Now if I could only figure out a way to ride my surfboard in the snow….

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Lecture 2/9 on Spraying Metal

Yestermorrow instructor Erik Hegre will be presenting a lecture on Friday 2/9 at Norwich University School of Architecture on "Spraying Metal". The talk will be held in Chapin Hall noon to 1pm and is free and open to the public. Erik has been investigating the possibilities of thermal arc spraying with another Yestermorrow insructor, Evan Bauer, a local metal fabricator who has patented a process of spraying metals on mesh substrates. The process is proprietary and new which opens many doors for exploration and investigation. For more details check out:

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Yestermorrow Faculty Present Panel in Burlington 2/6

The Vermont Chapter of the American Institute of Architects in collaboration with the departments of Planning and Zoning and CEDO of the City of Burlington is presenting a public forum on Architectural Design,

Architectural Design in Vermont…Does it Matter?

February 6, 2007 - 7:00 PM Burlington City Hall - Contois Auditorium

A panel of 4 Vermont architects and landscape architects will address important questions including the following:

-what are the ingredients of good design?
-how can non-architects assess the merits and problems of an architectural design?
-how can non-architects learn to talk easily and clearly about this subject?
-how can we all improve the quality of design in the communities of Vermont?

The goal of the evening will be to encourage a new, on-going and thorough design dialogue between professionals and the public in all phases of our permitting processes and the growth of our built environment. The panel with be moderated by John Anderson, Architect AIA, of John Anderson Studio in Burlington the panel members include:
Kirsten van Aalst, Architect, and design professor at the Norwich University School of Architecture
Michael Wisniewski, Architect, of Duncan-Wisniewski Architecture in Burlington
Jeff Hodgson, Landscape Architect, of H. Keith Wagner Partnership in Burlington
Dave Sellers, Architect, of Sellers and Company Architects in Warren Vermont.
After comments by each of the panelists that will be accompanied by power point visuals, there will be an open discussion with all in attendance.