Yestermorrow Design/Build School in Waitsfield, Vermont offers over 80 hands-on courses per year in design, construction, woodworking, and architectural craft and offers a variety of courses concentrating in sustainable design. Now in its 35th year, Yestermorrow is one of the only design/build schools in the country, teaching both design and construction skills. Our hands-on 1-day to 3-week workshops, certificate programs and semester programs are taught by top architects, builders, and craftspeople from across the country. For people of all ages and experience levels, from novice to professional.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Natural Building Intensive Open House

Dear colleagues, students, friends, and neighbors,

We would like to invite you to an open house at Linda Lloyd's garden folly on Friday, August 10. This project is the culmination of Yestermorrow's inaugural Natural Building Intensive program, and embodies the design creativity, imagination, sweat and labor of several dozen students and multiple instructors who have put their energy into the project since mid-May. Eight students in particular signed on for the entire project---from start to finish---and will be recognized on the 10th with a graduation ceremony. The Natural Building Intensive enabled these students and instructors to bring together stone, wood, earth, and straw to create a beautiful, whimsical structure.

Please come and join us from 4-6pm as we celebrate our work and community.

Directions to the site: from the center of Warren Village, cross the covered bridge, turn left and the garden folly will be on your immediate right.
About the project: one of the students has created a blog to document the process, with lots of photos, which you can view at:

Questions? Call the Yestermorrow office at 802-496-5545.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fossil Free Chariot Wows 'em at July 4th Festivities

Yestermorrow staff and interns, along with some help from the Mad River Sustainability Group (MrsG) put on a dynamic show before 10,000 spectators lining the parade route during Warren, Vermont's infamous 4th of July Festivities.

The parade theme, "Fueling the Future," prompted a variety of energy-related floats, but Yestermorrow had the upper-hand, entering the float conceptualization phase with a prime prop in it's back pocket: the school's solar powered portable generating unit. Some creative thinking by MrsG head Nils Behn got things rolling and the unit quickly was transformed into the "Fossil Free Chariot."

Interns Keith Case, Shirn Kier and Bo White, after much head scratching, then designed and built a yoke with which to harness the trusty steeds for effective chariot pulling. Costumes and capes fashioned by staffer Monica DiGiovianni provided the finishing touches.

But what was the message, you ask? That's where the drama kicked in. The chariot, fueled by the peddle powering Eco-Warriors, is attacked by King CONG (that's Coal, Oil, Nuclear, and Gas) accompanied by his evil atom girls (DiGiovanni and intern Meredith Bridges). Fended off by Captain Yestermorrow (executive director Bob Ferris) and MrsG's Volt Man (Dennis Derryberry), CONG (Kier) reaches into his bag 'o tricks and pulls out copies of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, which he promptly feeds into a paper shredder powered by the solar chariot.

Good drama is all about the symbolism....

The judges offered up the prestigious "Best Bicycle" award for their efforts.
The Fossil-Free Chariot races toward renewable energy future.
Evil King CONG threatens the eco-warriors.