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Monday, February 22, 2010

Sign Design Competition

We need a new sign!

Yestermorrow is announcing a design competition for a new sign for our driveway entry. Our existing sign has seen many good years, but is starting to deteriorate and we are looking for a new look!

The winning design will be constructed in summer 2010.

What we’re looking for:
  • Visibility and legibility – for cars driving by at 50 mph, visible day and night
  • Beauty – exemplifying Yestermorrow’s unique design aesthetic
  • Durability – low maintenance
  • And a good first impression for the school
Winning designs must include the words "Yestermorrow Design/Build School", the e-911 address "7869", a plan for placement of our mailbox, and incorporate lighting.

The details for permitting by the town of Waitsfield:

  • Total square footage not greater than 16 s.f.
  • Supports cannot add more than 2’ to the width or height
  • Not taller than 15’ high
  • Not less than 15’ from the edge of the road (*unless existing foundation is used and sign is only being “replaced”)
  • Must not obstruct the view of cars entering or exiting the driveway
  • Lighting must be downlit, shielded and directed onto the surface of the sign with no glare. No neon or flashing lights. (Assumption is that lighting will be solar powered, so any associated components must be included in the design)
Budget: $1500 (including solar lighting, assuming some volunteer labor)

To submit a design for the competition:

Deadline: April 1, 2010
Submit documents via email to:

Submittal must include dimensioned sketch of sign, site plan showing relationship to Rte 100 and driveway, materials list and rough budget estimate.

The winning design will be submitted for permitting by the Town of Waitsfield and constructed over the summer of 2010 to celebrate Yestermorrow’s 30th anniversary! The winner will receive a gift certificate for a 1-week Yestermorrow class valued at $750 AND the great feeling you’ll get every time you drive by and see that awesome new sign!

A view of our current sign:

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