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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Looking for a Cabinets Unlimited project

Here's a great opportunity- we're looking for a client for our Cabinets Unlimited class coming up in March. This is a one week section of the Woodworking Intensive program, and it's a great opportunity for someone who's looking for an unusual cabinet for their home. Here's the course description: "This class pushes beyond where Basic Cabinetry leaves off. We'll cover more advanced techniques such as raised panel doors, tambour, intricate moldings, inlay, bentwood, and more. The general approach will be the same as with the original class, covering techniques relying on basic shop equipment like the table saw and router. But we will really push the limits of what these tools can do and open up a whole new world of possibilities as we work on a group project for a real client."

As the client for this project, you'd be responsible for the cost of all materials including wood, hardware and finishes. Our instructors will work with you to design the cabinet and it would be ready for installation in mid-March, and you'd need to be able to pick it up at Yestermorrow and install it yourself.

If you're interested in potentially being a client for the cabinets unlimited class, please email Woodworking Intensive Program Director with an idea of what you're thinking of. We will review the requests we receive and choose the project which is most appropriate for the scope of the class.

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